We will not be shipping the MagBelt for the next few months as we reset and get ready to launch the MagBelt M2. Thank you for your support. We'll be back, better than ever.

Our Story

Magzook was born on a highway.

While riding his motorcycle through Michigan, Devin found his pant legs pushing upward and exposing his shins, providing no warmth or protection. Figuring there would be a product on the market to remedy this annoyance, he quickly found something to meet his needs, purchased it online, and got on the road. This overpriced solution quickly failed, and he knew that he could create something of higher quality at a lower price point.

Not having a clue how to sew the first prototype was made using copper wire, elastic nylon, two magnets and a metal clip. Seeing that it worked he asked his grandma to teach him how to sew using her antique 1951 Singer Sewing Machine. Armed with a couple metal clips, some spare webbing, and four magnets, he created the first pair of bootstraps called Magstraps.  Soon he realized the tightening system could be applied to other products and after days of stitching and fine tuning the MagBelt came to life.